Maiden Voyage Out West

A couple weeks ago, we loaded up the truck and headed out west. I was nervous, to say the least. 

Road tripping across the country with a 4 year old and a big dog, with all the supplies you need to survive out in the wild strapped down in the truck bed, to land you’ve purchased without having ever laid eyes on…  I couldn’t tell if I was feeling a sense of adventure or a bout of hysteria!

As the hours passed and the miles flew by, I couldn’t help but be awed. The natural beauty of the changing landscapes was mesmerizing, but also intimidating.  

We arrived at the worst possible time (10ish pm),  under the worst weather conditions (near freezing drizzle) to realize that the road we just traversed was too dangerous to risk driving over again. Just a side note here: the actual roads to our property aren’t nearly as bad. At the last minute, Jem decided he wanted to take a different route than the one we had planned and prepared for. Ya know, the route our realtor sent us pictures of – including pictures of street signs – so that we could more easily arrive to our property. 

Exhausted with no real options, we got blankets out and hunkered down in the truck. As I slept with my kid laying on me (for body heat), looking at the icicles forming on the inside of the truck, I was wondering how long it would take to sell the land and get our money back because THIS SUCKS.  

As the sun began to rise, so did my hopes. The land was actually quite beautiful. It was wild and untouched.  It was ours, and it was perfect.   Here’s a few of our pictures!

Click here if there isn’t any sound:

One thought on “Maiden Voyage Out West

  1. Best Vlog on the Internet, the pictures were stunning and heartwarming, I love the way your writing flows so well, the music during your video also gave me a teary eye
    Signed a fan…..


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