When it’s not just business

So you may know we ended up buying our land from two different realtors, with two very different experiences. Neither experience was terrible, but there was definitely a notable difference.

Tory at Landio guided us through the purchase of our initial 8 acres.  And my goodness are we thankful for him!  As part of the purchase, his company filed the paperwork, handled all filing fees, and ensured we received the original legal documents once the filing was complete.  I hadn’t realized that this was above and beyond the norm, but once I did, I made sure to send Tory an e-mail thanking him for all of his help and guidance through our process.

Yesterday, we received this gem from Tory. It is a beautiful card, featuring a photo of our actual property, with a handwritten note from Tory on the back.  Again, just that extra effort that goes above and beyond.


In the note, he stated he was confident that this land was under great stewardship, and that really caught my attention. I never thought of our land in those terms – we are simply in charge of it – for the time being.  It “belonged” to someone long before us, and will “belong” to someone else eventually.  Our hope is to turn our little piece of land into a cornerstone of our life, the foundation of our adventure, so that we may pass it on to our son in the hopes that he will love and appreciate it as much as we do.

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