Making plans for our first visit

Now that we have land deeds in hand, we are ready to plan our first visit.  We will be driving 1500 miles, with a kid and dog in tow, and all of our necessities will need to fit in one vehicle.

Since a big chunk of money was used to buy the land, we need to be resourceful in acquiring all the gear we will need.

Here’s the rub: we need quality items that will last, but we don’t have a fortune to spend.

At this point, both Jem and I have agreed that quality and safety is of the utmost importance, especially since a. We will have our child with us, and b. We plan to make this trip a couple times a year, so our gear will need to hold up.

I have been scouring eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Amazon for deals on camping equipment.  I’ve been able to buy a few things second hand, and we plan on borrowing some items from family.

We are about 6 weeks away from our departure, and I’m thankful I’ve started gathering items now.  Taking a family camping, half way across the country, is a bit different than our usual camping trips.

If you have any tips or ideas on equipment, please let us know!  We’d love to have some input!

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