The First Leap

Yes, I said leap. Because there is no way in the world this was just a step.

For the past two years, Jem has searched the country high and low for a piece of land to call our own. With each piece of land, there was always an issue – no access, strict building rules, ridiculous prices, ridiculous taxes, I didn’t like it, etc.  And then…he found 8 acres in New Mexico. It started with a simple e-mail from my darling husband.  His only line – “I need to sell you on this!”

I looked at the info, and all of my questions were answered within the first paragraph – road frontage, access, electricity a mile away, wells dug in the area.  I told him we could discuss it when he was ready.  We had a brief conversation that night.  I sat back and listened to his spiel.  And as he talked, I just kept thinking there’s so many other positive points he should be bringing up to sell this!!!  The fact is, I was enchanted with this piece of land.

After our first discussion, I told him the property was great, I liked it, yadda yadda yadda –  ya know, gotta play it cool and not let him know how much I was absolutely crushing on this particular piece of land that I had never even laid eyes on.

Jem was shocked at my positive response.  I asked that he really look at the area – could we live/survive here?

As I sat and (patiently? HA!) waited for Jem to find something wrong with this particular parcel, I looked at other property listings.  I kept coming back to this piece.  I began researching the area more, and then IT happened.

THE. SIGN. I couldn’t believe my eyes. How did we miss this?!

All my playing it cool whooshed right out of the window.  I was too excited to keep this to myself.  I called Jem and screamed – THERE’S 5 MORE ACRES! 

I had inadvertently stumbled upon a listing for five acres, adjoining my already exceptional eight acres.

This was it. Kismet. Fate. A sign.

I could feel it in the depth of my bones – this is OUR land.

Hi, my name is Kim, and I am currently fangirling over 13 acres of land in New Mexico.

Next step – snatch this land up before someone else does!

NM Land2

Photo of 8 acre parcel.